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What is it that you are looking for?

CTMS - Clinical Trials Management System

  • Site/Multisite Management
  • Accounting & Budget
  • Subject Visit/Stipend Tracker
  • Integrated Protocol Calendar
  • Subject Visit Tracker
  • Reports-Budget, Studies, Recruitment, etc.
  • Patient Recruitment Module
  • My Tasks
  • Data migration
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eSource - Electronic Source

  • Friendly Customized eSource Templates
  • PDF Print Feature Tool
  • Audit Trial
  • Electronic Signature
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • Electronic Delegation Log
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eDocs - Secure Electronic File Documents

  • Secure Cloud Data Hosting
  • Documents Audit Trails
  • Electronic Signature
  • Upload Docs as a Certified Copy
  • Remote Access
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Alerts Setup for Expired Document
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Volunteers Database Management

  • Data Encryption & HIPAA compliant
  • Integrated Patient Recruitment Module
  • Patient information management
  • Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria Report
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Text Message Appointment Reminder

  • 24 Hours - Automated Text Reminders
  • Patient Option to Confirm, Cancel or Reschedule
  • Text & Calendar Integration
  • FCC Compliant
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  • Streamlined documentation and secure electronic storage.
  • Enhanced accessibility for remote or time-constrained participants.
  • Remote monitoring and enhanced compliance with regulations.
  • Real-time updates to consent forms.
  • Environmental benefits from reduced paper use.
  • Efficiency and cost savings in study operations.
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ePay (Virtual & Prepaid Cards)

  • Immediate and secure payments.
  • Increased convenience and accessibility.
  • Reduced administrative burden.
  • Enhanced tracking and management of payments.
  • Improved participant satisfaction and retention.
  • Lower risk of errors and fraud.
  • Environmentally friendly with reduced need for paper checks.
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Source Design

  • eSource Exclusivity for eClinPro, offering unique electronic data capture solutions.
  • Rapid Delivery: Completion and implementation in just 1-2 weeks.
  • Experienced Source Designers, ensuring quality and expertise.
  • Personalized Designs tailored to the specific needs of the study.
  • Improved Participant Engagement with user-friendly and accessible design.
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Marketing (Social Media Ads, MASS SMS, Email Blast)

  • Manage recruitment campaigns on eClinPro and display it on your website.
  • Gather the patient information and send it directly to the Volunteers database.
  • Automatic Pre-qualification Report based on dynamic questions defined per campaign.
  • Social Media Campaigns 15, 30, 45 days.
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DEMO Videos

This platform is designed to maximize the efficiency of collecting data electronically rather than using paper documents.

Electronic Source - eSource / eBinder

21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Allows real-time data capture. Avoid duplicate data entry. Reduce on-site monitoring visits. Reduce protocol deviations. Improve site data operations.

Electronic Document Solution - eDocs / eReg-Binder

21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Manage and share documents electronically and control who can access it. You can sign or add annotations to a lab. test or other necessary documents in just a few clicks. Organize all your documents in the same place.


Get full control of your site(s) using eClinPro-CTMS. Our platform poses integrated tools that will speed your site operations and increase efficiency – Site/Multisite Management, Calendar, Budget, Visits and Subjects Tracker, Recruitment Module, Functional Reports, and more!

Web Integration/Marketing

Manage recruitment campaigns on eClinPro and display it on your website. Gather patient information directly into the Volunteers database: Personal Information, Dynamic inclusion/exclusion questions and Medical information.

SMS Center/Patient Retention

You can chat with volunteers/subjects and have all SMS organized in one place.

Recruitment/Calendar Appointments

Keep your patients, recruitment process and calendar appointments in sync.

Pricing Plan

We strongly believe technology is key to improve clinical trials efficiency. Our goal is to make eClinPro accessible and affordable to every research center no matter their business size!

Small Business


Up to 10 concurrent active studies

  • Site/Multisite Management
  • Unlimited Users
  • Accounting & Budget
  • CTMS
  • Integrated Calendar
  • Electronic Source
  • Real-time Reports (Budget, Studies, Recruitment, etc.)
  • My Tasks - Management Tool
  • Friendly Customized eSource Templates
  • Unblinded Visits
  • EDC Data Entry Tracker
  • Electronic Regulatory Binder
  • Electronic Delegation Log
  • Electronic Signature
  • Upload Docs as a Certified Copy
  • Remote Access
  • Alerts for Expired Documents
  • Integrated Patient - Recruitment Module
  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Option to Confirm, Cancel or Reschedule
  • Study Query System
  • Chat with Patients via SMS
  • No fees for eDocs per study
  • No fees for Long Term storage
  • Mass SMS (Purchase separately based on amount of SMS)

Medium Size


Up to 20 concurrent active studies. This plan includes everything in "Small Business" plan + below incentives:

  • Web Integration. You can design campaigns per study and display it in your website with one click. Gather new patient information automatically from your website to eClinPro.
  • 2500 SMS included every month to be used for Mass SMS campaigns.



More than 20 concurrent active studies. Custom price will be defined based on the amount of concurrent active studies. May apply discounts up to 15%. This plan includes everything in "Medium Size" plan + below incentives:

  • Extra discounts may apply based on amount of studies!


Clinical Trials
by Professionals

eClinPro, LLC is an American company with a SaaS workflow for the clinical research industry providing powerful tools as CTMS/ eSource/ eDocs/ Text that facilitate the clinical trials conductions improving compliance and efficiency.