Is eClinPro designed for small Clinical Research Sites?

Yes, eClinPro is an affordable integrated multifunctional system for all sizes of Clinical Research Sites. We have plans for a single site or multisite. Our friendly use infrastructure allows the users to navigate through the sites and have control of your studies in the same system. Our goal is to facilitate the entire process since the recruitment starts to the closeout. eClinPro was designed by Coordinators, Clinical Managers, Recruiters, PIs.

Does eClinPro have any functionality to schedule a study visit?

Yes, eClinPro has a fully integrated calendar where you can pre-schedule all the subject study visits with just one click. The system sends interactive appointments notifications by text and email messages for site staff and study subjects visit reminders.

Is eClinPro system HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant?

Yes, it is. We have several security features, numerous SOPs, and policies regarding data privacy and protection, staff training, and validation documents that support our compliance.

Is the data secure with a disaster & backup plan?

Yes. eClinPro has a dedicated cyber-security team whose main focus is the constant monitoring of security suspicious activities and mitigation actions. There is a strengthened partnership with the HIPAA & HITRUST hosting provider. Data encryption AES-256 bit in motion and rest on our main server and back up servers. Daily offsite backup up to 30 days back-up and restoration. Backups are automated, every file is backed up on a daily basis and located in multiple geographic areas to prevent data loss due to natural disasters.