Source Design Services

Who is this service for?

eClinPro offers a range of services tailored for Research Sites, CROs, and SMOs. Our company specializes in creating study sources for over 140 research companies, covering more than 1500 protocols. Services are highly customizable, allowing clients to specify the structure, colors, initials, signatures, and more. Alternatively, we can adapt to work with client-provided templates.

I am interested. How can I request a Source Design?
  • Click HERE to contact us and request our services.
  • We provide a Service Agreement for you review in less than a day.
  • You are rolling :)
What is the timeline for a Source Design?

The standard process takes from 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the protocol.

Can I request an expedited service?

An expedited process is available for an additional $100, reducing delivery time to 7 working days.

Review and Payment
You have two options to pick from:
  • Using OUR source template - $300 per study - All visits included
  • Using YOUR source template - $350 per study - All visits included
We provide the study sources in Word format.